39 Reasons Why I Left The Organization World & Became A Personal Brand

1. ) I understood early on that I didn’t fit into the corporate sphere.

2. I didn’t enjoy the business world and all of its 'fakeness' or its want to # 'politically correct' 'Ranked '. I wished to call a spade – a scoop.

3. It wasn’t me living a lifetime – I had been living a regular.

4. ) I understood I’d be a servant forever to this particular system.

5. ) Anything I did or donated – all of that effort wasn’t me.

6. ) Wanted to Break away from the 9 to 5 lifestyle.

7. ) Desired to be a professional & specialist.

8. I didn’t wish to take somebody else's business card with my name typed on it using a dummy design and present myself as a servant to that corporation.

9. I found other people getting per hour and enjoying a lavish lifestyle and heading for vacations whenever they desired.

10. I understood there were lots of individuals living with Flexibility in Operation & way of life. I desired part of this.

11. I wished to make a lifestyle in which whatever contributions and work I created – I could take with me where I desired. The issue with working for a business was – the day I’d leave the business – all of the gifts that I made to the firm is with the corporation. And when I joined a new business – I would need to begin from zero and establish myself out of zero over again.

12. I wanted to make as much as I enjoy.

13. I wanted to wear whatever I wished to wear.

14. I wished to honor to being”ME” rather than an”employee” of a respected firm.

15. I loathed Office Politics.

16. Working for somebody was permanently inconsistent

17. Success at the corporate world depended upon the power of somebody above me. And when he didn’t like me that was the conclusion of my achievement stage.

18. I loathed pleasing others – Customers, Clients, Boss, Colleagues, Vendors & Providers. I was fed up!

19. I didn’t need to dance to anybody 's tunes just since he had a dummy name. And worse was respecting somebody I didn’t wish to honor.

20. I wished to be in charge of my own fate, time and way of life.

21. I wanted to make as much as I desired & rest & change off if I wished to with needing to receive a sick-leave-certificate.

22. I’ve always been creative, a rebel and loved to do my own thing.

23. Loved reinventing ways and way of functioning. Always trying and experimenting new items.

24. I used to not think in reporting to work in time.

25. I used to not think in calling anyone over me”Sir” or”Madam” because they had more expertise than me in just that particular occupation or because he or she had been my client or customer.

26. I kept neglecting in anything I was doing since it had been at its finest – dull! I wasn’t contributing to my brand. It felt like a project!

27. I felt a greater sense of fire understanding that what I had been working for – was my baby and could be mine forever! I wanted to make my very own brand!

28. Even if I set in 100percent, then the ROI wouldn’t be 100%. It would be .

29. I didn’t enjoy when my thoughts were rejected and I also hated the fact that I needed to convince the entire world for executing my own thoughts.

30. The day I stepped out of the company – it’d be the individual 's trademark rather than mine that would stay.

31. I wanted to be myself which I couldn’t ever do to the corporate world.

32. Each time that I shifted a project I had to begin from scratch.

33. My progress has been predicated on the whims and lots of others.

34. Anything I made or created was finally – somebody else's. And to see somebody else take credit or receive a bonus for this – I loathed it.

35. Regardless of what position or wages or successful I had been – ending of the afternoon that I had been known as a worker.

36. There are a limit to just how much I made.

37. No fantastic visionary or artist or legend or unforgettable brand was a Worker.

38. When I left a fantastic bargain or obtained a bonus I might take off many weeks with no work!

39. There was the risk of Control Change or Unpredictable aspects that I couldn’t control where my hard work may go down the drain.

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