Commercial Carpet Installation Guidelines

Commercial Carpet Installation Guidelines

New carpet in your commercial building transforms the appearance entirely. Commercial carpet is stronger and more durable than many other types of carpet. It is specifically formulated to stand up to the heavier usage it will endure in most facilities. In order to get the best results, it is essential to have it installed properly. Even the most durable carpet will have problems if it isn't installed correctly. There are a number of installation methods that are appropriate. The double-glue methods is one of the most common. The following guide covers the basics of preparing for this frequently used installation method.


The double-glue method involves using adhesives to attach the cushion to the floor. The carpet is then adhered to cushion once the adhesives have set. The double-glue method has the potential to increase the performance of the carpet over time. It helps to provide additional sound absorption to increase the utility of your carpet choice. You can choose the type of cushion you desire. Remember, when choosing a cushion, you should always go with one that is recommended by the carpet manufacturer. This will ensure the best performance over time. Typically, commercial-grade polyurethane carpet cushion is used. It should have a maximum thickness of.25 “. The density should be 10 lbs./cu. Ft. At a minimum. Always check to see if the products you purchase are recommended for double-glue installation methods.


This method works with a number of flooring configurations. However, there are a number of things to consider prior to installation. Performance problems can come up whenever there are conditions with excess moisture or alkalinity. Prior to laying the carpet, you will need to check if the moisture and alkalinity are within a certain range of acceptability. The best way to do this is through the use of a test kit. Calcium chloride moisture test kits are available for this purpose. You can find them at many different flooring and carpet installation suppliers. Keep in mind that the test will typically take several days to conduct accurately. This means that you will need to plan for the test prior to setting an installation date.

After Care

After the carpet installation has been performed, there are some specific care instructions that should always be followed. The first 30 days after installation are critical. It takes approximately that amount of time for the adhesive to fully cure. During this time the carpet should not be exposed to water. If cleaning is required, it should only be performed by a professional.

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