Dutch Contractor Financial Checklist 2014

Dutch Contractor Financial Checklist 2014

Health Insurance

If moving into the Netherlands or paying income tax on the Dutch government, expatriates are expected to buy medical insurance via a Dutch insurance provider. Medical insurance packages are changeable, certainly based on the package chosen. Prices can vary from $ 95 to $ 350.

Liability Insurance

This is essential have if working and living in the Netherlands. If you, your kids, spouse or pet harm another person 's home then your celebration is going to be held accountable for costs; you’ll be expected to possess this insurance cover. Usually included on your home insurance, it could be bought separately for approximately $ 35 per month.

Price of Accommodation from the Netherlands

Locating a location suited to your preference as lodging is often a challenge. In massive cities it may be time consuming and a great deal more costly. The Netherlands is no exception with Amsterdam and The Hague being a very costly place to reside in.

Alongside this, purchasing a home from the Netherlands can be quite complex. It’s encouraged to use an English-speaking intermediary. After a home is bought, the purchaser is subsequently needed to put money into house insurance – that will cost approximately $ 45 per month. The homeowner can also be accountable for home tax of 300 annually. This amount will be dependent on the on the size and location of the home. A additional price is sewerage and refuse – averaging $ 200 annually.

Leasing a home exemptions renters in the above mentioned costs; the prices are the obligation of the proprietor. But do not rule them out since they might be in addition to lease.


Clothing is frequently expensive within biblical boundaries. A high number of foreign businesses add mark-ups for their clothes products in contrast to the costs sold in their states of origin.

you’ll have the ability to locate virtually all of the typical major high-street shops located in the united kingdom. For work clothes, Men @ Work and Etam are easily available but may be costly. Cheaper options, for example V & D or even HEMA, are approximately but the quality is going to probably be of a lesser sum.


The vast majority of Dutch public transportation today use chip and pin card programs; such as trams, trains, buses and other subway transportation types. Average prices aren’t too high, such as; a one-way ticket for train travel from Schiphol airport to Amsterdam's main train station is about $ 3. 80. A similar travel from Amsterdam to Utrecht is about $ 6. 80.

But, taxes are extremely large price. An average 12km journey will set you back around the $ 35 mark. For price cutting there’s a sharing taxi called a 'Deeltaxi'. This operates by charging a zone pricing system and expatriates share their travel with different individuals. This brings down the cost drastically (a 12km travel will cost as little as $ 8. 50) however you may need time on your own side because you may zig-zag all around town .

Eating and Drinking Out

In comparison to other EU states, cigarette products and alcoholic beverages are reliably affordable. However, eating in a restaurant is pricy. Quick food costs are much like the United Kingdom.

Tips are often included in an agency fee, so tipping isn’t necessarily essential. Leaving a 10% suggestion from the entire invoice is customary when paying for a cab and leaving a small tip is expected for waiters and waitresses should they supply a fantastic support.

Child Benefit

Every kid within the Netherlands is eligible, until they’re obsolete 18 and above, to childcare advantage. This can be given per cent, or every 3 weeks, and is founded on the people or couples scenario and gross earnings.

Average price of residing in the Netherlands (Costs from Amsterdam, 2014)

Accommodation Prices Per Month

One Bedroom Amsterdam Central Apartment – $ 1,500

One Bedroom Amsterdam Apartment Outside with the Center – $ 1,000

Three Bedroom Central Apartment – $ 2,240

Three Bedroom Apartment outside using the Center – $ 1,450


Milk – 1 Liter – $ 1. ) 10

Loaf of Bread – $ 1. 40

1KG of Rice – $ 1. 70

12 Eggs – $ 2. ) 50

1KG of Chicken Breasts – $ 6. 90

Marlboro Cigarettes – $ 5. ) 96

Utilities / Household

per second – mobile to mobile call rate – $ 0. 33

Internet Monthly 1.5mb / s package – $ 20

Gas, Water and Electricity – $ 160

Dining Out

Three Course Meal at Conventional Restaurant – $ 35-60

Large Mac – $ 3. 50

Café 'Coffee – $ 2. 70

Beer – $ 4. ) 20

Bottle of Coke – $ 2


speed per KM in Taxi – $ 2. 08

City Center Train Fare – $ 2. ) 80

Petrol Feb Liter – $ 1. 77

Annual Tax Yield

By the end of April (the conclusion of this fiscal year) everybody residing in the Netherlands is needed to announce their expenses and income in the previous year. Dependent on the people maintains and declarations, the Dutch authorities will then decide where the person must repay certain quantities of receive a money payment. As a specified example; a household with two working parents and one child in day care may maintain back about $ 2,500 annually.

It is highly suggested that expatriates have an industry specialist or industrial practitioner to help with taxation – because this could be a really complicated Dutch procedure.

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