Festive Advertising – The More the Merrier

Grow festivals and parties marketers hijack print, television and electronic media with everything they’ve got. Be it important Indian festivals such as, diwali, holi or party of special occasions viz, Independence day, girls 'daily, kids 'daily ahead, each manufacturer wishes to perform 'something distinct ' to encourage themselves.


From # & bright 39;holi' advertisements, 'glowing and dhamakedaar' diwali emailers, 'joyful ' Independence Day & Republic Day advertisements or 'joy-filled' Christmas advertisements; papers and mails are full of # & such 39;done-to-death' advertising content. Rather than doing something different, the majority of them wind up becoming part of the mess.

This advertisement by Toyoto sums up what I am trying to point out here…

You can appeal that printing medium has its own constraints and thus the absence of imagination, but here are a few examples of manufacturers that made it right and the way!


I suppose the majority of the brands have problems with FOMO (Fear of Quitting Out) and because they want to be anywhere… if 0na Independence day advertising is relevant or irrelevant, doesn’t matter…

Simply connect the # & words 39;applicable ' into the event to the newest and you’re sorted, so you thought…

Not all of force-fit advertisements are bad however. Due to this social websites and the viral movies, many manufacturers use the 'psychological ' instrument to acquire a thumbs-up.

Rajnigandha Pearls performed it fairly well with its instructor 's evening effort #teachernebolatha. The newest 's merchandise and also the event have nothing to do with each other. # & it 39;s only the tales weaved in closely with emotions that catches the eyeballs. But again, this story might have been told with almost any other brand in film or with no brand and it might work just as good.

Practice the herd:

You know it, if one brand announces # & a 39;Big' Sale others follow the foot-steps using # & a 39;Great' purchase. When a specific brand suggestions &# 1 39;noise-less' or green Diwali, each of the other manufacturers don # & the 39;conserve the environment&# 1 39; cape also; whether they believe in it’s not the same question. For all you know they’re the ones light up the skies on Diwali with these magnificent fireworks.

When people don’t follow the herd and take their own standthey stand-out. Take for example both of these brands which rather than 'conserve # & water 39; suggestion, this new tattoo to 'eve teasing' this is so widespread during Holi.

On any given day not only the mailbox, however the text box also WhatsApp are also spammed with numerous marketing and advertising messages wishing me Happy diwali, eid, instructor 's day, mom 's day, dad 'daily, chocolate day, increased day and several times I never understood tired. It sees that the day isn’t far when each day is going to be a party, literally. Until then, Happy Blog Day. Look, I simply devised!

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