Floor Plans And Elevations: 2 Of The Most Important Architectural Drawings

When you’re constructing a home you will find two architectural drawings you will encounter: floor plans and elevations.

Floor plans

These are 2D drawings that provide you an image of how the finished structure will look like once finish. The floor plan includes drawings of each ground, pipes and other fixtures. To give you a clear image of how the home will look like, there are a few floor plans which have furniture.

We can say that looking in a floor plan is similar to looking your home from the top with no roof on.

For one to know how the home will look like after complete you’ve got to comprehend that the drawing. You should say that the home is drawn in the scale of 1: 100. The cool thing is that in the event that you don’t understand the drawing, then the builder will come in handy in assisting you in understanding it better.


They’re employed in representing the outside view of the home from four sides: front, back and two sides.

A fantastic elevation must demonstrate the following:

  • Each of the proposed and existing buildings
  • Wall, articles and their peaks
  • Elevations, dimensions and segments of each floor level that’s pertinent to the proposed arrangements
  • Location and dimensions of feet and other structural elements
  • Connections, framings, downs and some other structural elements
  • in the event the home in question is an expansion, it must reveal how it relates to this existing construction.
  • In some instances elevations reveal balconies, doorways, windows and entrance porch

The conventional elevations are drawn at a scale of 1: 100, but the builder can always customize them based on you needs. By way of instance, the professional may utilize a ratio of 1: 200 and some other.

In addition to this altitude providing you with a very clear image of the exterior appearance of your residence, it's additionally demanded from the regional government that use it in providing you the construction permits. The police inspect the drawings and guarantee they are in accord with the construction regulations.


These are just two of the most essential architectural drawings you will encounter if you’re constructing a residential or industrial construction. As previously mentioned, your regional authorities must undergo them for you to be given a go ahead to keep with home building.

Because of this, you need to be certain that the drawings are attracted by an architect who knows the local building codes.

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