“FREE” Is the Ultimate Brand Erosion Strategy – 5 Reasons and an Opportunity

When someone offers something for FREE, there are lots of things that happen… most of which end up destroying your brand. But for those that take a different approach, there is tremendous opportunity to capture a much bigger market and solidify your BRAND. Building “Brand Awareness” is about introducing new people (potential customers) to your brand… allowing them to see that you exist in the marketplace. It is an attraction strategy… one filled with education and excitement for a potential customer. It is about sharing with them something within your business that can help them improve their lives (or business) they didn’t know about before. It’s getting the word out to an audience you know you can help. It is NOT about FREE. To me, FREE is a “lazy marketing” way of building Brand Awareness. It’s easy… offer anything of value for FREE and you will attract people like a magnet. This isn’t rocket science or strategic marketing… it’s just easy and doesn’t take a lot of expertise. Do we really need a marketing department to do this for us? There are 5 key issues with offering FREE that can ultimately result in BRAND EROSION…

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