On-line Presence and Details Entry Jobs for both Pakistanis and Indians

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So for Online typing tasks ideal analysis element video and also comprehend the happenings.


WaheedOnline | Pakistan YouTube, Vlogger, Tech Expert and Graphic Clothier

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Around WaheedOnline

Hiya, I’m Waheed H, a Pakistani YouTuber, Vlogger, Tech Expert and Graphic Clothier. Having begun on YouTube from Scratch, I suggest nothing. Aiming to supply Tech, Science and Coaching tutorials and ability to nearly all Pakistanis.

♥ I love spending a style time to abet children out with tutorial and tech films during my YouTube channel.
♥ I basically focal point about the tech knowledge to the youth of the motherland, Pakistan and India.
♥ Nearly all my films are in Urdu and Hindi (such as Pakistani and Indians).
♥ By using my Channel I always fragment my adventures, both untrue and the personal.
# I’m enthusiastic to make my own country better, as well as technological.


More Movies By WaheedOnline:

Thank you for subscribing my station. Nevertheless whenever you actually handle tech pictures whereas living in Pakistan, & India then I would also advise staring at pictures of the following group of suitable people: Asif Ali TV, One to All, Tamoor Pardesi, How you can Urdu, VideoWaliSarkar and Technical Guruji. These people are out of Pakistan and India, with enormous group of films all in Urdu & in Hindi. We all are planning to get indo Pak technical.
Succor Playing Succor Growing. Create a choice Care

#DoSomeThingTechy #DoSomeThingAwesome

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