Quit ENVYING Your Competitors and also Win Big

ENVY by definition implies you are chasing something … intending to be like another thing. This has actually come to be a pillar in services today … “We wish to resemble ABC Firm just much better.” When you can stop this thinking and also action, you can place on your own on a course to actual success that others will certainly covet! Duplicating somebody else indicates you believe they are either better or have something you don’t have … and you desire to be similar to them in a specific location. However copying someone likewise suggests COMMODITIZATION … regardless of your products or solutions. Coming to be a product says you do the exact same things as your competitors … only you try to do it faster, less expensive, or rather much better. In today’s Internet Economy, an increasing number of business are being commoditized and trying to “one up” each other to relocate to pick of the litter. I believe this is a LOSERS VIDEO GAME. There is a choice … forget about ENVYING YOUR COMPETITORS and also DO SOMETHING ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from them.

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