The Economic Impact of Ebola about the Market of Grass Valley, California

The name of the report would look at first glance to be absurd. Truly, how much an economic effect can Ebola have on a tiny Northern California town? Consider this: I’m a demanding diamond gemologist dwelling in Grass Valley and that I make my living working largely from the DRC, Guinea and Sierra Leone. My regular company was seriously diminished because my customers are frightened to enter the bush from the DRC, Guinea and Sierra Leone due to Ebola. This usually means that I’m delaying building my dream home on a stunning mountain home my wife and I purchased lately. Additionally, since I want a four wheel drive automobile for mountain riding, I wished to purchase a new Toyota 4 Runner, but have chosen to purchase a Toyota Rav 4 since I want to be financially wise.

You might laugh as my little contribution to our market isn’t of any fantastic significance except for the sales folks, vendors and builders I’d have done business with. Obviously, there’s a little ripple effect from such individuals. However, I am aware that it’s not likely to affect the majority of the people of Grass Valley. That said; there are hundreds and hundreds of people of the world like me. We all collectively constitute a fairly major group of people who have a significant effect on the general world market.

Already, Ebola is ruining the economies of both Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. These nations in turn are impacting the markets of the surrounding nations and all companies and nations where there is commerce. Additionally, individuals are now reluctant to visit other African nations although those nations are free of Ebola. An instance in point is Angola. I’ve got a chance in Angola to buy massive amounts of rough diamonds. Usually, my customers would leap at the opportunity. Now all my customers are frightened to go to Angola since they believe Angola to participate in West Africa.

I understand what you’re thinking. What do the much away issues of West Africa have to do with Grass Valley? The solution is straightforward. The planet is a really modest area where disorder can travel without limitation and anxiety can propagate faster than a California forest fire. What happens to the opposite side of the planet today can cause catastrophic effects here tomorrow. With every declining market, our savings become poorer and we might find ourselves unexpectedly in the center of a world economic meltdown with all the social-political issues inherent in this collapse.

The sad aspect is that Ebola might have been stopped months back. I had been in Sierra Leone in the end of July and the authorities of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea were all begging the world to deliver Assist. Anybody who has worked in developing countries can inform you that these states can’t deal with major ailments or calamities. They don’t have the cash, infrastructure and experience to take care of this.

However, realizing this, our authorities and the remaining Authorities have done little. This week, the Presidents of those states made a desperate appeal for assistance. Without severe interference and help, Ebola will disperse to the West and possibly the entire planet, if this happens you’ll be concerned about over you're your own pocket book.

One of my customers has asked me to visit Sierra Leone following week. I wonder how my excursion will affect the market of Grass Valley.

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