The Incongruity Police Are Seeing

The dictionary defines congruity as significance: arrangement, stability, or physical fitness.

That definition may also be utilized to specify the perfect company, one where all areas of the company are in agreement, stability, or physical fitness center.

In that perfect company, all aspects of the company fit together. Each component (section / function / action / etc.) should match the other, and collectively they work to construct the total. This means advertising makes the claims, creation / satisfaction keeps these promises, as well as the government processes all of it. By way of instance, if the advertising department has been designing a marketing, all components – the message, the newspaper, emblem, the typeface, the appearance, texture, and feel – ought to be congruent to maximize the efficacy of the message. To illustrate my point, an individual would select unique fonts to market a circus versus a mortuary.

Professionally generated advertising and advertisements are often congruent, but do-it-yourselfers frequently try to extend their finances, and the end result is frequently incongruity.

weekly I pretended I had been the”Incongruity Police” and discovered the following:

  • A hair salon advertisements expensive spa therapies as well as other luxuries by utilizing a nasty, hand-drawn, off-center”magic mark” sign from the window. The sign promises beauty and luxury, but it’s so incongruent I wonder if anybody has purchased the ceremony. The Incongruity Police have issued a breach!
  • An investment adviser sent invitations to some convention with added hand-cut vouchers which seemed to be an eight-year-old’d cut out them. The couples seemed so economical and uninviting that you would wonder about the standard of his financial information. The Incongruity Police have issued a breach!
  • A dealership uses precisely the very same photographs in ads week … for weeks. Anyone reading these ads would wonder why these cars haven’t sold or if these special vehicles were in the trader 's inventory to start with. The Incongruity Police have issued a breach!
  • A production firm creates a high quality, durable, useful, effective solution, however their parts department boats the components in three times while their contest will ship the identical day that the client places an order (if ordered by 2 pm). The Incongruity Police have issued a breach!
  • A house cleaning firm has vehicles using their tagline painted on them advertisements that”# & We 39;ll Leave your house Spotless”. However, those vehicles are dirty, and you don’t wish to check out the interior with fast food wrappers strewn about. The Incongruity Police have issued a breach!

Recall the”Incongruity Police” are observing.

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