Vietnam – A Short Tourism Guide for Business Travelers

Vietnam is a flourishing centre of international trade, using an extremely skilled workforce and always growing market presenting excellent opportunities. But if you pay a visit to this interesting country on company but come home without spending a while for a tourist you then 'll be missing . Vietnam has a massive amount to offer, from stunning scenery to excellent food, and also, clearly, a solid sense of current history.

Traveling around Vietnam is somewhat complex due to its geography. The two chief cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) are at odds opposite ends of the long, thin country which steps approximately 1000 kilometers from north to south, while still being at times no longer than 32 miles east to westcoast. The space between the towns is traveled by airplane, taking a bit over two weeks. Even though a flight may mean missing out on experiencing the thickly populated highlands of the country's inside, Vietnamese trains are usually overcrowded, slow, and unreliable, and the travel will take as much as a day and a halfhour.

Vietnam's funds Hanoi is situated in the north of the country, nestled in a bend of the Red River Delta. As befitting a town with a history spanning over a thousand decades, there’s a lot to see and do. Even the Old Quarter offers all of the noise, bustle and air that you 'd anticipate from the most South East Asian cities, where adventuresome eaters may delight in some of the best road food on earth. The proud legacy of this city is expressed in many ornate temples and historical monuments, place alongside amorous 19th century structures and midsize industrial buildings.

somewhat farther afield, Ha Long Bay, only over 100 kilometers from Hanoi, is a destination well worth a trip if you are able to get the time. Recognized as a World Heritage Site, this coastal idyll features striking linestone hills and islets rising from emerald seas, and is a haven of peace and tranquility always being the number one tourist tourist attraction.

Hanoi provides an abundance of lodging options, from 5 star hotels like the Hilton Hanoi Opera into the venerable Sofitel Metropole that may assert Charlie Chaplin, Jane Fonda, and a lot more as celebrated guests.

Ho Chi Minh City, far from the south of the country on the Mekong Delta, is more famously called Saigon even to its more than ten million inmates. Visitors may enjoy the French cosmopolitan atmosphere of the old parts of city, in addition to the more contemporary districts of a city which in the past few years has risen into rival near neighbors like Singapore and Bangkok as a powerhouse of South East Asia.

Along with being the economical and business centre of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City has a rich and troubled history that the visitor is not far eliminated. In the claustrophobic Cu Chi Tunnels into the War Remnants Museum, town and surrounding areas are filled with powerful reminders of the trauma of the country's beyond ago, but also of this remarkable transformation in fortunes since then.

As Vietnam's biggest city, Saigon is blessed with a large selection of places to stay. Ma Maison is a bit way from town centre but also makes up for this with its intimate, otherworldly French atmosphere, while the Cinnamon Hotel at District One offers contemporary comfort in the center of the city.

Vietnam is a country full of attractions to the visitor, therefore no matter how tight your program, researching what the country offers beyond company chances is a chance not to be overlooked.

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